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Community of Community

Community of Community, 2012

Fleisher Ollman Gallery
Queens Museum of Art

Community of Community is a retreat where social practice artists gather around a theme, skill-share, support each other and ourselves, and explore the lineage of the field while living cooperatively together.

At the Queens Museum, 15 social practice artists gathered for three days and two nights, sleeping over at the museum!

As social practice artists we are constantly working with others and often do not stop to work with ourselves. Community of Community is our time to do this and to bring these abilities into the field with us. During retreat, all artists are leaders sharing together. 

Participating institutions play an active role in the incubation of each retreat. Each location provides a new outlook and new platform in terms of structure, visitors, community, and environment.

Retreat goals include:
Holding each other accountable and challenging each other
Experiencing self-care and communal care
Individual goal setting relating to our own practice
Looking at past experiences to inform our own and each others practices

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