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I was Trapped in this Elevator

I was Trapped in this Elevator, 2007

Art in General, Curated by Anthony Marcellini

A sound piece recounting my experience of being trapped in the Art in General elevator which played inside the Art In General elevator as part of their audio in the elevator program. 

Excerpt from the audio recording: …”Take a deep breath, you are totally fine you are not going to get trapped, you are not trapped; we are just riding between floors.  Welcome to the Art in General elevator, where I was once trapped. On Saturday, September 10, 2000, and something, I have no idea when, it was definitely after 2003 and definitely before 2007 because now it is January 2007, so September 10th, 2000 something I was trapped in this exact elevator that you are standing in right now… I was on my way to go meet some friends, but I did not get to meet them because I was trapped in this elevator. In that week, I was also trapped in another elevator.  On Tuesday, September 7th, I was trapped in the elevator in my apartment building.  I grew up in New York City; I grew up in elevator culture, I grew up riding up and down in elevators to get in and out of every space that I knew… in my whole life growing up in New York City I was never trapped in an elevator until the week… of September 6th, 2000 something”

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