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Ideas, Thoughts, Actions, Ramblings

Ideas, Thoughts, Actions, Ramblings, 2012

Flux Factory

A book, interpreted for Flux Factory filled with ideas, actions, thoughts and ramblings, outlining strategies for community building between Flux and community neighbors within and around Long Island City.

I acted as an independent consultant, extensively meeting with Flux Factory and exploring their relationship to the community. Following this process, I reflected on my observations to Flux Factory and sought their feedback. Through discussions, we were able to get to the heart of the issue - what Flux Factory desired and how I could create a new version of the book to help them work towards their goals.

For the 'Public Trust' exhibition, Flux Factory staff and residents chose to implement one offering from the book as a means to explore Flux’s role as an institution within their community.

The original 'Book of Ideas' that inspired this book was drafted for the city of New Smyrna Beach, Florida by Rick Lowe, Dawn Weleski, Jeff Schmuki, Kennedy Yanko, Lara Kohl, Regina Agu, Sara Daleiden, Wendy DesChene, Xenia Diente and Stephanie Diamond at Atlantic Center for the Arts in 2011.

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