Listings Project Focus Group

Listings Project Focus Group, 2014

Joan Mitchell Foundation

In 2009, I worked with a survey expert to ask Listings Project listers directly what they needed. During this period, we also conducted a focus group and phone interviews with Listings Project listers to develop questions for the survey.

The focus group was incredibly successful and enlightening and I started to bridge the gap in connecting Listings Project and my art practice. The survey then became like a focus group / studio visit critique. All of the changes that have been made since the survey are generated from the listers’ responses to it.

In 2014, I worked with the same survey expert, a group of volunteer consultants and listers to create a new Listings Project survey.  Before the survey was issued, I conducted another focus group.  The intentions for this focus group and survey were to further inform how Listings Project is working for the Listings Project community and once again to make any changes or improvements to Listings Project based on listers responses.

 Stephanie Diamond 

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