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Timeline of Important Photos

It's a Small World: 
The first photograph I ever took
I was four or five years old at Disney World, taken with a pocket instamatic camera. (the ones that are rectangular with cartridge film).

The first photograph I ever printed
I was twelve or thirteen, at summer camp. The photo is shrink-wrapped and mounted on cardboard with my name written on it by my counselor.

Thanksgiving Parade: 
Taken when I was fourteen or fifteen in high school. I received compliments and encouragement from a friend for this image and it helped me to realize that photography was going to be my medium as an artist.

Taken when I was a senior in college. This image is called "This is Union Square" and shows two seemingly separate places existing at the same time. Two men sit next to each other in very different areas in the photo. They are sharing the same space at the same time; they are a community in a sense, but also individuals. Most of my work to this day, connects back to this photo.

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